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Question: What is C6?

Answer: C6 is an Instant Messenger, written by It has been written in 1998, and re-released in 1999 with some bug fixes and addes.
It is property of
The client is very cool but it doesn't have a linux version. It's only for Windows. So we decided to create an opensource Linux client. And, to incentivate people to write their own client, we developed an opensource server. It has been written in Visual Basic, for his easy reading.

Q: Where can I find information about the C6 Protocol?

A: The information file (it's like a RFC), will be released soon.

Q: Are you affiliate with or endurred by Icona or

A: No, we are simply people that wants to make a Linux client. :-)

Q: Will you release a client in English?

A: Yes, but the first version will be in Italian. Please be patient :)